Achieving high quality and flexible production and super quick delivery
In order to solve the seemingly conflicting challenges, we are continuing our efforts with originality and creativity.


Even though we have broad menu of services, in order to meet and exceed customer expectations we are active in developing and implementing various technologies necessary to realize the rapid prototype manufacturing.

Request prototype

Request prototype
  • 2Dimensional or 3Dimensional data is gathered.
  • We provide accurate drawing with the data. (By using the latest equipment and know how expertise to minimize errors and actual head of the image)
  • Based on the information and data provided by the customers, a fully equipped prototype system is offered with high quality.

Policy consideration

  • Based on the drawings the most optimal production process & techniques are considered and examined.

The production plan is given to customer and getting acknowledgment from customer.

Data creation

  • The data design is approached using the characteristics of CAM processing / mold data products, for the production of prototypes.


With our unique prototype production method quick delivery is achieved.

With our technical staffs know how, combination of the various production techniques, and utilizing the processing line, such as recombination independent production is established in Proto. High accuracy & quick delivery is achieved

quick delivery cases

Production mold (sand mold / RP sand mold)

roduction mold (sand mold / RP sand mold)
Sand mold

Sand mold is produced using wooden form. Large volume production is also done.


We use pioneer model in the industry (Rapid prototyping) sand mold can be made accurately and quickly with less wooden form.

Aluminum casting

Aluminum casting

Hot water casting (molten aluminum is poured into mold)
Using Advanced Technology and craftsmanship the aluminum alloy is made with best features, meeting the needs of high-quality prototypes.



Our company has 5-axis machine, Vertical and Horizontal machining center to meet the requirements of the customer.

Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance

Non-contact 3D digitizer is used.

Conventional three-dimensional measuring instruments are used like non-contact 3D digitizer. It is an object with a CCD camera, where the three-dimensional measurements can be measured in high density and high speed with high precision. Also by moving the digitizer measurements is taken for larger models.


Quality Check

Prototype delivery

Suggestions and support for commercial and large volume production

We provide flexible and high quality service.

With the know-how and production technique of our partnership company named Fujitaito Corporation, commercial production is made, offering best service for customer needs.
In addition to mass production, we offer a variety of solutions.

For example
Use of Die cast machine [350t]. Image in left

  • ISO14001:2004 	Certified
  • iso9001:14001

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