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About our special features

We Proto Co., Ltd. is major in making prototype product.

  • We undertake bulk order for making various industrial prototypes.
  • With Proto’s unique production method fast delivery and high quality is guaranteed.

With our technical staffs know how, combination of the various production techniques, and utilizing the processing line, such as recombination independent production is established in Proto. High accuracy & quick delivery is achieved.


quick delivery cases


  • We specialize in the manufacturing of complicated prototype in speedy manner.
  • We adopt division of labor so that each process is handled by an expert.

Design and process is specialized, based on the manufacturing content production is made in a flexible way by pursuing cost down, increasing speed and mass production.

  • We provide complete professional support for the industry.

Our technical and business team experts provide technical and cost strategy solution in an efficient and effective way for meeting the challenge of customers.

  • Using the Latest and greatest technique and equipment

We propose the most suitable material processing methods in order to assure high accuracy and short-term delivery, without outsourcing, and integrated development system committed by staff familiar with the industry

We provide support in wide range of technique

Design From various parts of the casting mold to design, creation of data from 2D (plan view) image is also supported.
Casting Various aluminum sand castings
Rapid Proto typing Shell sand molding machine, creating a mold for casting core
General metalworking General Machining, 5-axis machining, drawing paper-compatible 3D CAD data
Metrology Contactless, non-contact measurement
※comparison & verification of CAD data with original data is supported.
Surface treatment technology Various heat treatment, special plating
Special processing 3D machining, 5-axis machining, machining, surface treatment, assembly and integrated system

Total quality control

・Depending on the drawing dimensional accuracy is ensured.

・Issuance of Certificate.

  • ISO14001:2004 	Certified
  • iso9001:14001

Company profile

Proto Co., Ltd.
Kyōto-fu, Kuse-gun, Kumiyama-chō, Nomura, Murahigashi 123-1
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